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Helping students make the right choices about alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence is a complex task. The articles in our library give you facts, perspectives, and resources for developing the prevention programs that will work best for your campus.

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Bystander Intervention Programs for Sexual Violence with Joan Tabachnick, MBA

An interview about healthy relationships, sexual violence prevention, and bystander intervention with Joan Tabachnick, MBA.

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Gaining Support: Preventing alcohol and drug abuse and sexual violence on campus requires buy-in from many constituencies: administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community. In these articles, you'll find suggestions on building support for prevention programs.

Alumni: Using Their Power For Good

Involving Parents in AOD Efforts with James Matthews, M.Ed.

Make Parents Part of Prevention

Nine Ways to Fund Your Program

Pushing Prevention: The Skills You Need

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Planning & Policies: Colleges need effective policies on drugs, alcohol, and sexual violence, as well as good long-term planning, to reduce risky student behavior. These articles highlight some of the key issues to consider when establishing or updating prevention policies.

Alcohol, Mental Illness, and Violence

Depression and Suicide Intervention Programs on College Campuses with Laurie Davidson, M.A.

Medical Marijuana: Campus Policies and the Law

Notifying Parents: You Can, But Should You?

Smoke-Free Campuses

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Student Programming: The success of your prevention effort comes down to the choices of individual students—and one size does not fit all. Under this heading, you'll find ideas to help you develop programming that educates and motivates varied student populations.

A Social Norms Approach to College Drinking with H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D. (Pt. 1)

A Social Norms Approach to College Drinking with H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D. (Pt. 2)

Accommodating Students with ADHD

Alcohol-Free Programming with Donna Lim, M.Ed.

Are Your Interventions Culturally Sensitive?

Bystander Intervention Programs for Sexual Violence with Joan Tabachnick

Event-Specific Prevention with Tavis Glassman, Ph.D., MS.Ed., MPH, CHES

Know Your Rights: The Campus SaVE Act

Men Against Violence Program with Julie Eckert, M.S. Ed.

The Alphas, Betas, and Gammas: Working with Sororities and Fraternities

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Evaluation: Evaluation helps outline the scope and nature of issues on campus, demonstrate program effectiveness, and refine your programs. These articles offer ideas on how to build evaluation into your program, how to use data, and how to build on what you learn.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Assessment: Asking the Right Questions

Are Your Alcohol and Drug Policies Up-To-Date?

Evidence-Based Programming for Maximum Impact

Pass/Fail Grading Your AOD Program

Using Data for Effective Strategic Planning