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Our Program

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The Mission

To empower students, families, and administrators to positively impact campus communities in the areas of alcohol, drugs, and wellness. We emphasize evidence-based, comprehensive prevention to educate and motivate students to make healthy decisions.

Our Approach

MyStudentBody is designed to reduce risky behavior using strategies that research has shown are most effective—motivational, attitudinal, and skill-training interventions. More than a one-time-through prevention course, MyStudentBody is available 24/7, all semester long, for information on drugs, alcohol, sexual violence, and other health and wellness issues that can affect a student’s academic success.  It also gives administrators data and strategies to support the school’s overall prevention program and parents tools they can use to reinforce your prevention messages. 

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Essentials Course

Intended for incoming students, Essentials covers the three most significant behavioral risks new college students face: alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs, and sexual violence. Structured around a motivational self-assessment in each area, Essentials incorporates audio, video, and interactive tools and lessons to teach students key concepts and skills. A follow-up assessment gives administrators a window into student risks and consequences throughout the term.

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Student Conduct Course

Specifically designed for students who violate school alcohol policies, Student Conduct encourages students to make informed choices and helps students identify their problematic behavior and avoid future sanctions. It incorporates the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), a measure that evaluates how harmful a person's drinking may be. The program uses interactive audio, video, and written lessons and tools to keep students engaged. Campus administrators can easily customize the score required to pass the course, control how many attempts students are allowed, and schedule follow-up assessments.

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MyStudentBody Admin gives you the tools to use MyStudentBody in the way that works best for your campus, and the data to assess—and improve—the effectiveness of your prevention program. Below are the two main ways we help administrators.

Implementation support including: 

  • how-to guides
  • sample communications templates 
  • help from a dedicated and experienced implementation specialist
  • training
  • customization options to make implementation easy

Reports and data including: 

  • self-service reports of student course completion, scores, and other individual student data
  • aggregated data of students' self-reported alcohol and drug behaviors from the initial and follow-up assessments to track student substance use, risk behavior and perceptions about drug and alcohol use on campus

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Research shows that parents maintain a strong influence on behavior even after their student leaves for college. MyStudentBody's unique parent component gives parents tools and strategies to make the most of that influence in support of prevention efforts. Interactive lessons, video dialogues, and a downloadable parent guide help parents talk with their child about difficult topics like risky drinking, prescription drug abuse, and other social challenges within the college environment.

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